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Mun: This is a picture I just drew of both Alex, (Male!Allison) and Allison.

As you can see, they are actually the same State. (Indiana) Alex (left) and Allison (right) are pretty much the same, in the ways of looks. The only real difference between them is that Alex is a dude, with much shorter hair than his female counterpart.

Time to compare their personalities! :D

Allison isn’t a person to swear very much, she loves Guns ‘n Roses, and wears t-shirts and jeans with the appropriate coat in the winter. She is strictly tanktops and shorts with work boots in the summer, as she oversees the fields that surround their house. Her best friend is Poland, and she is closest with her [current] father-figure, Alfred, and her sisters Cali (a friend of mine’s OC for SoCal) and Maryweather (another friend’s OC for Maryland).

Alex on the other hand swears like a sailor, loves Michael Jackson, and wears only tees and jeans no matter the season. He does most of the farm work—making sure everything is growing properly—and he tends to keep to himself. He doesn’t have a best friend, but he is also close to his father-figure, Alfred.

… actually, they’re pretty different. ;w; I can’t help the fact that having personalities that differ from the original work keeps my imagination working. <3

Also… enjoy looking at my cat on the bed. <3 She’s my (oldest) baby. (Nala is her name. )